The chickens always get out!

The chickens always get out. Sometimes, in the winter time, when there’s patches of grass that there’s not any
snow in, the chickens get out, and sometimes in the springtime and summer and fall they get out, but the ducks get out near winter time under the apple tree to eat fresh grass. (Also OF COURSE they don’t get out when the grass is all covered with snow.)

Today, it was a sunny day out and the chicken got out to enjoy the sunshine just like people do. The little chicken got out where the wheelbarrow was missing. (Ed: A up-turned wheelbarrow was put by a portion of the fence that is broken down to prevent escapees, but apparently it was missing.) I heard some “buk-buk-buk”ings, and some I thought were in the chicken fence, one in the out of the chicken fence. (I thought like three were in the fence and three were out of the fence.) I was looking around for the one that was out of the chicken fence, then I finally saw it in Mom’s garden. A chicken! Then I said, “Bad chicken!”

It was digging in Mom’s garden so I thought it was gonna lay some EGGS there. So I thought it was a she but then I said he after that so then it WAS a he…so…I just got jumbled up. As soon as Cadie told me that when she was outside she said “Wait it IS a he so why did you think it was laying eggs?” The chicken was on the stump that Temmy’s truck backs into, and went over near to the fence. Then as soon as Cadie got on her shoes and sweaters she went outside and chased it into the fence. Actually she didn’t really chase it in, it flew into the fence its own way. Then I shut the fence and Cadie locked it. The end, heh heh. Why’s I said ‘heh heh’ is because usually at the end of a story they don’t say “the end”, so, “heh heh”! At least most books I read.