The Fort I’m Building

How I got my inspiration for my tree fort was all because one day I was sitting around, thinking it would be nice if I could swing on some nice and new swing, not the old and rusty one we have. So then I thought it would be a nice idea if I made a tire swing, so Caleb and I set one up on the apple tree with bailing twine. When Justin called me in to dry, I told him and Evan what I was going to do. But Justin said, “that will get in the way of tree climbing you know.” And Evan said, “besides that is our favorite place to swing down.” This hadn’t occurred to me at the time and I wondered what to do.

I thought and thought while I dried dishes and finally I got an idea! There are a lot of trees in the secret garden and I told Caleb that we should go and look for some good trees there. Caleb agreed, of course, and quite soon we had found the right tree. It had three LARGE trunks starting from almost the bottom of the tree. First, I made a ladder with some spare wood I was allowed to use….
caleb climbing ladder
Then, I started on the floor. First, I nailed a two-by-four on one side of the two front trunks. Then, I nailed a two-by-four on the other side. After that I could start on the floor. It’s very simple: just keep placing one board going across from the two two-by-fours and keep nailing it in until the floor is finished.

The floor
Then I started on the wall….
Me hammering
Uh-oh! I couldn’t build the wall any more ’cause of that big branch!
its getting bigger an’ bigger!
So I decided to leave the wall alone and put a board at the other side so that later I could make a ceiling.
me working on the top of the door

back view
I stopped making the fort for a while becuase I didn’t know what to do. I asked Lachlan if he could chain saw it but then he told me a simpler way.
He told me to nail a long two-by-four on the part of wall that was already there and nail more wall on to it. (There’s a picture above^.)

Jail Blocker and Support Beam

I thought it would help support weight if I made a two-by-four going down from the bottom of the floor to down where the branches split, so i wedged it it firmly and nailed it in. (^)

Justin and Owen working together to build Owen’s fort

For a little while I was trying to make a jail but that didn’t work out. (You can see me pounding a “jail bar” up there ^.)

Shows the ladder and Deirdre in my fort
Well, there’s my my fort with my silly little sister in it! I also made a roof with chicken feed bags sewn together (by me.) As you could see, all these pictures are from different times because it took so long for me to do this post. Actually, I think I started this post TWO YEARS from this sentence I’m writing now! Nobody’s perfect. Remember that, buddy.