Little Red Riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf (my version.)

Here’s the little red riding hood story for boys. The  other original boring, sappy-go-lucky, and silly is for girls and little kids. Anyway, Once upon a time there was a wolf and his mom. His mom told him to catch a delicious little human girl because his granny got shot in the leg and couldn’t hunt anymore. So the wolf set out to find the little girl. he was walking along a path when he heard footsteps. So he dug a hole, jumped in, and buried himself. When the footsteps where right above him, he burst through the dirt and knocked over the little yellow riding hood (for thats who it was.) “Oh, hello mister wolf,” it said. “My granny is sick in bed will you pick flowers with me?” The wolf, deciding that little yellow riding hood had cooties, scampered up the nearest tree. Then he called up pest control, put on a gas mask and threw a net over little yellow riding hood. Later, the pest control showed up and sprayed cootie disinfectant all over  little yellow riding hood, who shriveled up like a prune. The end

The moral to this story is NEVER READ STUPID STORIES LIKE THIS. Bye.