The Little Kids Adventure “Book” 1 Episode 1

Before I start on the first “Book” of The Little Kids Adventure I will tell you some things you should know. The Little Kids Adventure is a imaginary game me and Caleb play. It is only slightly like the game Collin used to play with us. We split up The Little Kids Adventure into episodes and “books”. Books are the largest, then episodes. I will make it seem like The Little Kids Adventure is a real life story, and I will not include interruptions where me and Caleb stop to talk and stuff. The Little Kids Adventure is in Medieval times. *                                        *                                  *                                       *

Episode 1 Once upon a time there where two little boys named Owen and Caleb. Owen was the eldest, and Caleb was the younger of the two.  Owen was quite strong especially for only the age of six. He could out wrestle any little boy in the town. Caleb was quite intelligent for the age of 3 and he was really interested in his dads job as a black smith. Their mother was a Spell caster and she was about to have another baby when the orcs ( who had been conquering the humans) made a full fledge attack at the town (witch was known for its mighty warriors.) Their dad went to A different town for help, but on the way he got gobbled up by an enferned scroy hardhead. Typical. (scroy hardheads are nice, smart beasts. They are the size of an average room, they are smarter than humans. They only eat kodo beasts unless they are enferned. Enferning is what things called fernys do to most animals (fernys are orcish like creatures that come back to life when they die.) Enferning makes the victim nasty, evil, reckless, rash, extra big, and pretty much insane.)

Then their mother had her baby just as the orcs broke the towns’ barricades. Once She healed herself, she gave her spell book and her baby (Dierdre) to Owen and Caleb and told them to run to the nearest cave. Little Owen and Caleb scurried out their secret passage that led to the base of eye patch Mountain, and then they went into a cave. That cave happened to be populated by (Mischief  making)  Dark dungeons. Dark dungeons, as I called them when I was about six, are large, furry, eight-foot tall human shaped beasts. And ‘Mischief’ making ones are ones that ran away from there kingdom when they were babies. And as I was saying, Owen and Caleb entered the cave, put Deirdre down on a pile of clothes and fell asleep (for they were quite tired, being little kids.)

And then, in the middle of the night, a dark dungeon tip-toed out of the darkness and placed a huge bag of meat, bread, cheese, and a glob of mushed up mix of them all for Deirdre beside Owen. When They woke up, they thought the food was food there mom packed for them. So they gobbled down the food not in the least bit disturbed. The End! (of Episode 1)

Don’t worry! That was only Episode 1 of book 1. Later it gets more interesting.

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