The Story of Deirdrelocks and the 3 Dads

One day, Deirdrelocks was walking along and she smelled the nasty smell of oatmeal coming from the woods. “Yuck,” she said, and started to walk away. Then she said, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to go in and eat up all the bears oatmeal. I hope it doesn’t kill me!” So she walked into the woods, and saw three bowls of Oatmeal sitting near a fire. She dumped all the biggest bowls oatmeal into her mouth. “Yuck,” she said. “That was terrible!” She ate up the next bowl of oatmeal. “Even worse!” she yelled. She ate up the smallest bowl of oatmeal, and she fell over dead it was so yucky. Then the three dads came along. “Yay!” they yelled. “Now we don’t have to eat our oatmeal anymore!” And they ate up yummy Dierdrelocks instead and lived happily ever after! THE END!       There. I taught you that oatmeal tastes bad (like you didn’t already know) and that my dad likes to bite deirdre.

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