How Well Do You Know Caleb? Quiz

Here’s the quiz that I made:

1. What are my two favorite colors?

(a)  Orange and yellow
(b)  Brown and white
(c)  Green and red
(d)  Blue and green
(e)  Purple and black

2.  If I could choose a super-power, what would it be?

(a)  Reading minds
(b)  Flying
(c)  Being able to walk through walls
(d)  Being invisible
(e)  Super speed

3.  What two things do I wish I knew how to do that I don’t:

(a)  Raising one eyebrow and swimming
(b)  Playing the piano and wiggling my ears
(c)  Winking one eye and riding a bike
(d)  Whistling and building things such as tree forts
(e)  Snapping my fingers and climbing trees

4. Which one of my siblings do I play with most?

(a) Evan
(b) Deirdre
(c) Justin
(d) Owen
(e) Cadie

5. Which one of these things HAVE I done?

(a)  Gone to a movie theater
(b)  Gone to an ocean beach
(c)  Been ice skating
(d)  Seen a hot air balloon in the sky
(e)  Been to a flea-circus show

6. Which of these HAVEN’T I done?

(a)  Been to an amusement park
(b)  Rode in a canoe
(c)  Been to another state
(d)  Seen a waterfall
(e)  Gone to a zoo

7. What is my favorite dessert?

(a)  Mocha Chocolate Trifle
(b)  Mocha Chocolate Cheese Cake
(c)  Chocolate Cream Pie
(d)  Blackberry Pie
(e)  Cherry Pie

8. What is my favorite singer/music artist?

(a) Rebbecca Saint James
(b) Rich Mullins
(c) Fernando Ortega
(d) Michael Card
(e) Phil Keaggy

9. What year was I born in?

(a) 1999
(b) 2000
(c) 2001
(d) 1991
(e) 1998

10. The Nickname I’m called most is…

(a) Hamfast
(b) Hamster
(c) Porky-Pig
(d) Hammie
(e) Fatman

11. My mouth is usually…

(a) Smiling
(b) Hanging slightly open
(c) Frowning
(d) Shut tight
(e) Full of air

12. My eyes are…

(a) Green
(b) Brown
(c) Hazel
(d) Blue

13. My middle name is…

(a) Jonathan
(b) Hale
(c) Caelum
(d) Cerphus
(e) Roy


1. (c) green and red

2. (b) flying

3. (a) raising one eyebrow and swimming

4. (d) Owen

5. (e) Been to a flea-circus show (it was at the library)

6. (b) rode in a canoe

7.  (c) Chocolate cream pie!!

8. (d) Michael Card

9. (a) 1999 (in November)

10. (d) Hammie

11. (b) hanging slightly open

12. (d) Blue

13. (c) Caelum