How Well Do You Know Deirdre? Quiz

Deirdre saw Cadie make a quiz like this on Facebook, and she thought it would be fun to make one, too.

Pick what answers you think are right, and at the bottom of the quiz the right answers, and explanations why, are given.

1. Which of these is one of my chores right now?

(a) Cleaning the steps
(b) Cleaning the kitchen
(c) Washing breakfast dishes
(d) Drying breakfast dishes
(e) Drying lunch dishes

2. What is my favorite chore? (note: some of these aren’t actually my chores)

(a) Drying breakfast dishes
(b) Drying lunch dishes
(c) Washing lunch dishes
(d) Washing breakfast dishes
(e) Cleaning the upstairs hallway

3. What are my favorite animals besides chickens?

(a) cats and ducks
(b) dogs and cats
(c) hamsters and mice
(d) horses and ponies
(e) birds (not chickens) and goats

4. What’s my favorite game to play with my brothers Owen and Caleb?

(a) Little Kids Adventure
(b) Legos
(c) Paper games
(d) Animal Game
(e) Playing a wolf-guy game

5. Who’s my favorite brother?

(a) Owen
(b) Caleb
(c) Arlie
(d) Lachlan
(e) Collin

6.Which of these things would I most want to do?

(a) Go to the moon
(b) Fly in an airplane
(c) Going up to the hill across the road
(d) Go to mars
(e) Learn how to ride a bike

7. Which one of these would I turn into if I could:

(a) A mouse
(b) A rabbit
(c) A chicken
(d) A horse
(e) A cat

8. What are my favorite colors?

(a) Red and orange
(b) Yellow and green
(c) Pink and purple
(d) Blue and green
(e) Yellow and orange

9. What is my favorite thing to do each day?

(a) Read comics
(b) Practice learning how to juggle
(c) Reading books
(d) Play games inside
(e) Play games outside

10. What kind of tree do I know the name and look of that Cadie taught me?

(a) Oak tree
(b) Pine tree
(c) Fir tree
(d) Elm tree
(e) All of the above

11. What is my favorite book series?

(a) Horrible Harry
(b) The Zack Files
(c) Jigsaw Jones
(d) The Magic Treehouse
(e) The Boxcar Children

12. What are my favorite of the books that Mom read me?

(a) Little House series – The Laura Years
(b) Little House series – The Caroline Years
(c) Little House series – The Charlotte Years
(d) Little House series – The Martha Years
(e) Little House series – The Rose Years

13. What is my middle name?

(a) Leigh
(b) Anne
(c) Joy
(d) Jane
(e) Jael

14. What are my two favorite foods?

(a) Hamburgers and hot dogs
(b) Sloppy Joes and hot dogs
(c) Pizza and hamburgers
(d) Macaroni and cheese and macaroni and chick-peas
(e) Ziti and lasagna

15. What do I most want to learn to do?

(a) Learn to cook
(b) Be able to dig well
(c) Ride my bike
(d) Brush out my hair on my own
(e) Learn to sew

16. If I could go to any planet, which planet would I go to?

(a) The moon
(b) Mars
(c) Venus
(d) Saturn
(e) Jupiter


1. (c) Washing breakfast dishes is the one that’s my chore.

2. (e) It’s my favorite chore because it’s the easiest and least boring.

3. (a) They’re my favorite because they’re not big, mean and scary. I like ducks only if they’re friendly, because I don’t remember any of our ducks that were friendly, and I think I’d like them. I like cats because they’re different than dogs–dogs seem scary and mean, and big. However cats seem small, and nice and friendly.

4. (d) I like Animal Game because sometimes there’s Animal Tournaments and Owen usually controls them and makes them funny. Animal Tournaments is where different stuffed animals fight–mine, Owen, and Caleb’s stuffed animals. We only play it sometimes, but it’s really fun when we do.

5. (c) Arlie’s my favorite brother probably because he’s never home usually, and he doesn’t bug me very much, and so I like him better than everybody else, because everybody else bugs me.

6. (c) Because it’s nice up there, and I’d like to go up and see what it’s like. And because there’s this mysterious thing that we think is a tent that I’d like to see close up.

7. (b) I’d like to be a rabbit because rabbits can talk animal language, go underground, hop along the fields and because they always look so nice.

8. (d) It’s hard to explain, ‘cuz I don’t know how to explain why blue and green are my favorite colors, but they just are.

9. (e) Because we have lots of good toys for playing certain games that I want to play outside, and because I like going outside.

10. (d) I forget quite how it happened, why Cadie was telling me how elm trees look, but one time–I don’t know where we were–she was telling me that elm trees have this stuff that looks sort of like green stuff growing along it, and they usually widen out at the top. And then one time when we were coming home from something, we were having a contest who could see the most elm trees. I can’t remember who won.

11. (a) Well here’s a comment on them: They’re not horrible books, they’re funny books! I like them because Horrible Harry does lots of funny things. The guy in the book who’s Harry’s friend is not horrible, is just nice. And there’s a person in the book called Song Lee, and Harry’s in love with her ever since in kindergarten Song Lee gave him something horrible, and that made him happy because he loves horrible things.

12. (d) There’s one thing that I hate about the Martha years! The author didn’t make the series long enough!! I don’t really know why I like it better than the other ones, I just liked it. Martha Morse was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandmother, and she was Rose’s great-great-grandmother.

13. (e) Anne and Leigh are Titi and Cadie’s middle names. And I was thinking of saying James as one of the choices but that was a boy’s middle name, Cadie said, but that’s one of my brother’s middle names.

14. (b) I just really like sloppy joes and hot dogs, I don’t know why! (Not together, they’re just two meals that I like.)

15. (c) Because my brothers are always riding their bikes and I can only ride a tricycle. Just why I can’t ride a bike is because I can’t balance–it’s no fair! I’d like to ride a bike because it looks really fun.

16. (a) I think I’d just like to explore the moon. I wouldn’t like to go to the moon, but it was one thing that came up with me to think of, so I thought that the moon I’d probably like to more than the others.