How well do you know Owen? Quiz

Since Caleb and Deirdre did it, why not me?

1. What is my favorite Animal?

A. Baby chick

B. Rabbit

C. Kangaroo

D. Tiger


2. What is my favorite color?

A. Red

B. Blue

C. Yellow

D. Orange

3. What is my favorite Dessert?

A.  Apple pie

B.  Chocolate Cream Pie

C.  Chocolate  Cheesecake

D.  Black forest cake


4. Who is probably my favorite character in me and Calebs made-up-game, “the little kids adventure”?

A.  Me!

B.  Spacebee

C.  Lardy-Buck

D.  The Rabbity Sand dune-a-tist


5. If I could get any present I wanted for my birthday what would it be?


A.  A play metal sword  that was made out of pipe so that you couldn’t hurt people as easy.

B.  A Longshot-CS6 Nerf Dart gun (if that was what it was called.)

C.  A smart One of those Big white dogs.

D.  My own Bee-Bee gun



1.  C . Kangaroo

2. D. Orange

3. C. Chocolate Cheesecake

4.  B. SpaceBee (Gleeglen warrior. If you don’t what that is, ask me.(or don’t))

5. A. A play metal sword  that was made out of pipe

2 responses to “How well do you know Owen? Quiz”

  1. Yeah, I’ve changed a little bit. A baby chick used to be my favorite animal, and yellow used to be my favorite color.

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