The little kids Adventure Episode 2 of Book 1

Here is Episode 2.

One night while Caleb and Owen were  sleeping, some goblins sneaked into the dark dungeon ‘s cave and grabbed Deirdre and sneaked away. When Caleb and Owen woke up, they forgot about Dierdre because they heard noises outside the cave. They poked there heads out of the cave and saw two orcs talking to each other. So they both picked up a rock each, and knocked the orcs out with them, and stabbed them dead with there own weapons. Then they set off to look for Deidre. As They went along, They saw a house that had a sign near it that said ‘Eat free candy Here and sometimes gain powers.’ So they went up to the candy shop and knocked on the door. A little rabbit poked his head out the window and asked them what kind of candy they wanted. (Caleb and Owen were very young, so a talking rabbit didn’t seem strange to them.)Owen said, “We don’t want any candy, little rabbit. (witch was not quite true) “We just want to find our sister Dierdre.” The little rabbit, seeming to know a lot, replied, “You won’t find Deirdre, she will just turn up sometime. One thing you should know, my boy, is that not all goblins are bad.”

“So  what?  We’re going home!” said Owen and he started to walk away. “You don’t have a home!” the little rabbit yelled after them. “So what, we’ll build one!” Owen yelled back. And the next day they set out in search for something to cut trees down with. While the were walking along, they came to the town the orcs chased them out of. The only building that was left standing was a tavern, witch the orcs didn’t want to destroy because it had lots of food in it. So Owen and Caleb Walked right in and made themselves at home.

Maybe even a year later, Owen and Caleb decided to go out and fight the orcs. They had found some weapons lying around the tavern, and they set off in the direction of spider mountain. While they were walking along, Some goblins jumped out of the trees and started whacking Owen and Caleb on the feet with there hammers (The Goblins that we made are very small.)

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