A story/dream I had

By Deirdre

Well, the dream started out with a draw-er [i.e, person who draws] and he drew whatever he saw, whether he liked it or not. And so one day there was this really prissy snotty spoiled queen person came to the house, he drew a picture of her. And the next morning he woke up in a sandy place (after a beeping noise had gone away and he had fallen back asleep) and he saw that all the people that he had drawn that he didn’t like were after them. And the queen was the biggest one. And then he started running away, but somehow he never left this building that was sitting out in the middle of the desert. And so then finally he jumped on top of it—and all that time I was thinking, “Write Stop! Write Stop, you ninny!” Because after all I was kind of in control of that guy, and he finally grabbed a stick and wrote “Stop”.

And by that time his little brother had entered the dream and jumped on top of it (the building). And then he sort of woke up from this daze and his mother was saying “Would you please get out of that daze, or whatever you’re in, to eat supper!” because he was acting really strange. Then all of a sudden he heard a beeping noise, but he ignored it and fell back asleep.

And he woke up in a snowy place! (There was a sandy place lots of times, and there was a snowy place lots of times, so I can never be sure when I’m remembering the dream which it was.) And then he tried to jump on top of the building with his stick again with his little brother, but he couldn’t! For some reason there was a force stopping him.

And he ran and ran and ran and wrote with the stick, Stop, and grabbed his little brother and stomped on the “Stop”. But nothing happened. And probably why this was, was because the bad guys had figured it out from his last dream, and made it so that he couldn’t go up there and write Stop, because they didn’t want him to just do that again and again.

I don’t really remember what happened next, but I think he woke up from his daze again, and his mother was saying, “Really! This morning I checked your room and your books were all over the place, it was quite a mess! And some things were even broken!” And then there was this beeping sound yet again, which he ignored yet again and fell back asleep yet again.

So he woke up another time in a snowy place. And I think around now it changes into me, sort of fading from him and onto me. So it was still him, when they saw the bad guys running after them, and it was still him when he flopped onto the sled (his little brother seemed to be gone) and then when he flopped onto the sled and started sledding he turned into me. And there were some people from my family sledding down; I remember seeing Justin, and other people I can’t recognize or name but I know they were people from my family, and I know there was also some weird guy that wasn’t in my family.

And then we sledded down, down, down and suddenly there was this big mountain-like hill in front of us, so we sledded up the hill, and then we sailed through the air and landed on some snow. Well, I don’t really remember what happened—I don’t remember if it was last time that he was around the apple tree, or this time, or the next time. (The dream seemed to change back from me into the third person again.)

And is why I know that is because the dream seemed to stop, then I saw the apple tree, then back to normal.

(It seemed to be there were two brains thinking up that dream, and one was thinking simply the events, the made-up stuff, and the other one was thinking up the stuff that I did and that happened to me in real life, or what was said to me in real life.)

Then he basically just went back to bed, that’s all I remember, and I heard this beeping sound again. (He hears this beeping sound every time). And he ignored it yet again and fell back asleep. And woke up in a snowy place yet again.

So then they saw the bad guys after them, so they ran and they ran and then they seemed to flop onto their stomachs and were sliding down and down and then I seem to stop from the dream (oh wait, it had turned back into me again) and I saw a flash of a lump where Evan grows squash or pumpkins, and so I knew we were around there.

But then I think he woke up from the daze again, went back to bed again, beeping noise again, and his ignoring it again. And then he woke up in another snowy place.

Then we all seemed to be running, we all seemed to be sliding down on our stomachs, then suddenly we were at sleds again and we were sitting on them (before we were lying down), and then Justin inching ahead of me on his sled, and then I seem to remember that the pond had water in it from earlier in the spring, so I seemed to bra-a-a-ke, but there was no water in the pond.

The daze faded, and the same thing happened all over again of the beeping sound ignoring it and falling asleep and waking up.

And I woke up in the pond, and then I just thought my brain wasn’t really registering that the bad guys might catch me, so I just sort of went “hum-de-dum” walking down, thinking I might create a distraction so that the people in the pond would be safe. But then I walked into the house, and out of the window I saw Nate running up the hill to someone. And so I was like, “Oh, he’s probably going to tell them about me” and then the dream got a bit more serious.

So I walked out onto the porch, and then I saw the pool. Pool? We don’t have a pool. And then somehow my ears seemed to stretch so that I could hear what Nate was saying from a long ways off, and I heard him saying “Do you think you can blow this up? For some reason I can’t.”

And I thought, “Nate needing someone to blow up one of those floaty things? Wow, he always did it for us, and now he needs someone to do it for HIM?”

By the way, at some points it turned back into sort of like now, spring, and now it was spring too. So I sort of walked off the porch, and then one of the bad guys spotted me, so I RAN trying to go around the bamboo, but then I saw someone running around the other way to cut me off (by now it was serious again), so I RAN around the house, and UP into the secret garden, and then someone caught me (it looked like a card, like one of the card-soldiers in Alice in Wonderland).

And then we were walking along in the Secret Garden, me feeling kind of sad that I had been caught but knowing that I wouldn’t stay caught, I’d manage to escape for a bit.

And then Nate came up and said, “Here, I’ll take her to this campsite, I’m going to go across that bridge.” (There were always some bridges and water places in the Secret Garden that there aren’t in real life, in my dreams) and so then I broke loose from the card soldier as he started to give me to Nate, and I ran and ran to my secret hiding place, at the stone wall pond.

And so then he sort of woke up from his daze again and I thought “Rrrrr! I better just wake up to that beeping sound”, and so the NEXT time I heard the beeping sound, I struggled to get awake, and I woke up in real life and the beeping sound faded!

And then I started in bed thinking for 5 or 10 minutes, thinking “Am I awake or am I asleep?” And then after that I realized “Ohhh…yeah… I must be awake. Yeah….” I thought. And then for the next five minutes I was like “Hooray, hooray, I’m awake. But what if I’m really asleep and just thinking this in the dream? Well, I better get dressed and go down and see those two people and the dog.”

And so I went downstairs, and I saw Cadie and Caleb drying and washing dishes, and I was like, “Oh, then I must be awake.”

This is a part that I forgot to tell you: There was that weird guy who was in the story (who knows, maybe by now he was that writer—I mean, draw-er—guy), and so he saw Snoopy in the fields looking for them and he was like “Uh-oh, I better go tell Snoopy that we’re trapped in a dream to make sure he doesn’t get trapped in it too”. Then somehow it turned into being like a Capture-the-Flag game scene, with bad graphics—little pixels.

And so then they each came so close to each other, but they never found each other, and sometimes they went into all one person and then out again, and FINALLY they saw each other, and Snoopy said “Where’s everybody?” and then the weird guy said “We’re all trapped in a dream. You can come too if you want, but I don’t think it would be good for you.” But Snoopy didn’t come into the dream very much, only once or twice, just like the drawer’s little brother. But this is a part that I had forgotten where it went in the dream, so I just put it at the end.


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