An Etch-a-Sketch “paper game” that Cadie played with me

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Deirdre. And she asked her older sister, Cadie, if she wanted to play an Etch-a-Sketch paper game (which is just a paper game played on an Etch-a-Sketch.) And so, she forced Cadie to say yes!

And so, in the game Cadie started out in the living room. Deirdre was her “GPS”, you could say, and um well Cadie wanted to go outside. And Cadie went outside, and found herself on the lawn! Great! Now what! And so I told her–ahem, the GPS told her–that she could go to Old Man’s Cave, or into to the forest, or-or-I forget where. Anyway, Cadie said she wanted to just start walking and see where she’d end up. And so Cadie walked to the creek. And she crossed the creek. (You can imagine how hard this was for her GPS Etch-a-Sketch to draw!) Then she came to a woods. And she got some acorns and some other nuts, and she also tamed a little duck from breadcrumbs in her pocket.

And Cadie decided to keep going and the GPS drew out another landscape on the GPS’s Etch-a-Sketch, and… where was I? Cadie came out of the clearing in the woods, and she saw big mountains! So she climbed the moutains, because there was nothing better to do. Huff, huff, huff,  huff-huff-huff–poor ducky, who was flying all that way. And so then she came to a cave. And she went inside of the cave and she saw a mother wolf and her baby wolves! And Cadie wasn’t sure if she wanted to tame them or what, and so she kind of wanted to leave, but her GPS kind of “hint-hint-hinted” that there was some bones on the other side, and she should kind of maybe take the bones and tame the wolves with them, so Cadie was forced to do that–because GPS’s know everything! And so Cadie couldn’t tame them right away, so the GPS made Cadie tie one of the bones to the back of her shirt, so the wolves would keep following her as they were tamed. Cadie wasn’t quite comfortable with that; she thought it would be egging the wolves on to eat her.

Cadie kept climbing up the mountain, because there was nothing better to do! And she climbed and she climbed and came to the top of the mountain, which was kind of flat (mountains always just look so pointed from a distance, really they’re not all that pointed. Not that I’ve ever climbed a mountain myself, before, of course! I’m just guessing. Actually, the GPS is just guessing.) Cadie said she would put down a flag upon the top of the moutain, but actually she probably couldn’t do that because she didn’t have a flag, but the GPS said “Nonsense! You can do whatever you want in this game!”, so Cadie put down a flag on the top of the mountain.

Cadie saw a flock of birds flying by, and she still had some bread crumbs leftover, but the GPS also hinted that you can tame animals with animals, so Cadie tried to tame the flock of birds with all her animals, but the wolves couldn’t so just the duck did. So Cadie got a whole flock of birds, but she didn’t want a whole flock of birds, so she said “Can I just take a couple out of the flock of birds?” And the whole flock shook their heads and said “Mm-mm!” And then she asked the whole flock of birds to take her somewhere new, where she’d never been before. So the wolves clambered up on top of Cadie, and the whole flock of birds took Cadie by the string that was attached to the bone, and they flew her off to the mushroom hut!

And so Cadie went inside the mushroom hut with all her pets. So Cadie went inside, and there was an old lady there by the table. And she spoke in a creaky, cackly voice and had a cackly laugh. She said “Won’t you have tea over a nice, long discussion?” after giving Cadie some pet medicine and human medicine. Cadie heard a huge “Foosh!” and crackling noise and whistling. Because the little old lady made a big burst of fire, and it was so hot it made the tea kettle whistle right away. She asked Cadie how she got there and Cadie said, “I asked my birds to bring me somewhere new.” The little old lady leaned over and petted the bird under the chin, and said, “Well, YOU must be strong, huh!” and the bird chirped, and she said “Oh, it was the whole flock of you, huh?”

And so after a while of the GPS trying to think up what the old lady would say, Cadie decided she would leave. But when she left, the old lady called out, “Wait! Want me to cast a spell over you?” and Cadie said, “Umm… no thanks.” And then the witch said, “It can be a healing spell! Do you want to learn how to make a healing spell?” And then Cadie  still said no thanks. And then the old witch offered Cadie some healing potions, and Cadie accepted and asked what they were for, humans or animals, and the old witch said “Both! Everything. Even plants!”

Then Cadie left and as she was the leaving, the old witch was shrieking, “Wait! Wait! There’s more! Don’t you want to do something!” The poor old witch wanted Cadie to stay, but she didn’t want to.

Cadie kept going and wondering where she was (the GPS knew where she was, but… she didn’t think of asking the GPS!) and so she came to a hut with a straw roof, and she knocked on the door and asked if they knew where she was. The guy responded, “I don’t know. We’re the Lost Brothers. This is the Lost Brother’s home!” and he started arguing with another brother about where they were, or if they were in the land of the lost people , and etc. and etc. But Cadie wasn’t really paying attention to the narrator anymore, so she kind of just said “Ah” and kept staring off into the distance.

But anyway then she asked the birds to take her closer to home, or maybe the birds didn’t know where she lived so closer to the mountain. And the birds dropped her right on top of the windvane on top of her house! And she cried out “Ow!” because there was some pokey things sticking up. And Cadie wasn’t really paying attention anymore, so the narrator made her slide off the roof of her porch.  And so Cadie climbed off the roof of her porch and onto her actual porch, and there was some sort of hanging flower things and maybe some lamps, but Deirdre was getting kind of tired, so that was basically the last drawing she did, except for drawings some pies (square pies) later on.

So Cadie went into her kitchen, and there was the smell of bacon. All of her wolves started yapping and yowling, and they wanted some bacon too (by this time they were already tame, of course, I forgot to mention that earlier on.) And so Cadie ate the bacon, and saved some for the wolves too, because they were disappointed. Cadie saw the birds pecking at the starch container, so she filled up bird feeders with bird seed, and as soon as she filled it up, all the bird seed was gone because the birds were hungry! Then Cadie wanted to go exploring more, so she went outside to Old Man’s Cave, because Deirdre was insisting.

So the wolves bounded ahead of Cadie, and Cadie heard “Help! Help! Wolf attack!” And Cadie came inside and saw him standing up on a really tall chair on one leg, waving his hands about. And Cadie said, “Don’t worry, they’re tame!” and the old man fell off onto a wolf. And Cadie said, “See, they even let you ride them!” The wolves were kind of disagreeing, but they let the old man ride them, and the old man rode around the cave shouting “Whoopee!” and after a while he said, “Wouldn’t you like an apple  pie?” to Cadie, and she said sure, and he threw an apple pie onto her off the counter. But the birds caught it just in time and put it down onto the table. And then he threw a chocolate cream pie at her, and that hit her right in the face. And Cadie said “Aww,” but the wolves cleaned it off. Then he gave Cadie another one just to get the guilty conscience off him. And then he led Cadie into the playroom by the arm, and then there was a big big food fight, and Cadie won. And the GPS told Cadie jokingly that the old man must’ve been dropped on his head when he was a baby.

And (this is where the picture of the two pies comes in), in real life Cadie kind of stopped playing the game, and she finished sending a recipe to the Gaige’s. Then she went over and helped Caleb with something, and then she wrote on the Etch-a-Sketch, “Deirdre, I have to do dishes. WAAAA” And that was so heart-rending that Deirdre was persuaded to dry some of the dishes for her. And that’s THE END!


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