About Purdyville

Family Portrait December 2007
Taken December 25, 2007. All ages are given as of photograph date. Click on photo for larger image.

Back row: Justin (12), Evan (14), Owen (10), Talitha (22) Middle row: Arlan (24), Rundy (26), Collin (16), Lachlan (20), Teman (27), Cadence (18) Seated: Caleb (8), Kathy (49), Ivan (56), Deirdre (5)

Family portrait 2005
Taken mid-November 2005

Back row: [Note: All ages are given as of photograph date] Arlan (22), Collin (14), Lachlan (18), Teman (25), Rundy (24) Middle row: Talitha (20), Dad (54), Deirdre (3) [on his lap], Kathy (47), Caleb (6) [on her lap], Cadence (16) Front row: Evan (12), Owen (8), Justin(10)

About the name: With our intersecting and diverging interests and our various projects and escapades, at some point we began to seem less like a really large family and more like a really small town, and thus was born Purdyville, population 14.

About this website: The first enterprise to bear our new moniker was The Purdyville Press. First published in 1988, when our household actually had Masthead for the old print version a computer, this was nonetheless a truly cut-and-paste affair, as our rudimentary word processor (WordStar) lacked the ability to print in columns. Most articles were dictated to Mom, by her own admission not the speediest typist, and she then did the layout and printing. In our one-car household Dad often got to do the photocopying, and then it was back to Mom for addressing, folding, stapling, stamping and mailing. Our last issue of this laborious affair, number eight, was published in 1996. In retrospect, an issue a year seems pretty good, but at the time Mom’s goal was four issues a year, and she always felt bad about falling short of that goal.

For Christmas 1997 our most technologically advanced uncle gave the family our first modem, and introduced us to email. (Hello-o-o, Juno!) Simultaneously, the thought occurred to many of us: email would be an excellent medium to transmit our family publication. And thus The Purdyville Press morphed into This Week in Purdyville (often referred to by the acronym TWIP) and our publication schedule changed from erratic to weekly. And we were pretty consistent, too, for the first four or five years, after which interest and ambition gradually dwindled.

Some of the same writers who were losing interest in the email publication were exploring other avenues of web-based publication, including blogs and website design. With the encouragement of that same uncle who got us started with email, we acquired a domain name and server space, and started work on the first design of this website. By 2004 TWIP articles were being cross-posted with the TWIP blog, and there were no email TWIP issues in 2005. That brings us to 2006. We have switched from Movable Type to WordPress for our publishing software, merged several individual blogs into one family blog, incorporated whatever back issues of TWIP were already online into the blog, and completely revamped the design: Purdyville.com reloaded!