Age 24 (as of March 2013 )

My name is Cadence–Cadie for short.

I enjoy writing, artwork, photography (snapshot-taking–I don’t delve deep into it), creativity, nature, helping people, and so on.

Mainly I stay home and help out with stuff around home. Lately I have been spending a lot of time with my grandmother while Rundy, who normally cares for her, goes to school. I also do weekly housecleaning for my neighbor.

I am grateful to be able to live in the country. I love the views we have around here. I used to take bike rides with Collin, but more often, I just enjoy the views around home. I used to sometimes sit at the top of our hill, near the edge where the field meets the woods, just to enjoy the view of the opposing hill(s). In the springtime, it’s interesting to observe as more and more trees on it leaf out;  in the summertime, it looks very lush, and in autumn it can be quite stunning, with an array of bright colors.

I like watching the seasons change. Spring–the abundance of birdsong, soft, sweet-smelling air, and joyous bursting-out of leaves and blooms. Summer–the abundant sunshine, like a bowl of it has been dumped upon the earth, filling the day to the brim with it from morning till evening. Autumn–the bright colors, the smell of dried leaves, the golden, slanting light, and a wonderful nostalgic feel. Winter isn’t so much my cup of tea. I do like the look of falling snow and there is a quiet, aching beauty of a winter sunset over a snowy landscape. But in general, winter tends to get me down.

One of my favorite pastimes has always been walking in the woods. It is like another world, a very peaceful one.  Often when I am walking along, my attention is caught by leaves rustling in the wind, and I stop to just watch. In the falltime it can be especially stirring–blazing trees around me on every side, caught in the roaring noise of wind.  In the spring, more often I am standing still to listen to the birds, and possibly catch a glimpse of them and identify them. Other times, I lie down and stare at the treetops or I just enjoy walking along the paths.

I think little kids are fun and funny. When I think back to my childhood, I can’t remember that many games I enjoyed–but what I DO remember enjoying greatly was my younger siblings. I had such a great time playing with them when they were babies, and when they got older I liked to watch them playing together; they had (and have) all sorts of games/imaginary worlds. I still love little kids (and still love my siblings, though most of them aren’t so little anymore!) and I seem to make “friends” easiest with little kids and people a lot older than me.

I started a blog in fall of 2009 (which I post to not as frequently as I wish I did), in which I talk about what I have been doing, describe everyday scenes of life in this large family, soliloquize about who knows what, and occasionally post photos.