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  • The little kids Adventure Episode 2 of Book 1

    Here is Episode 2. One night while Caleb and Owen were ┬ásleeping, some goblins sneaked into the dark dungeon ‘s cave and grabbed Deirdre and sneaked away. When Caleb and Owen woke up, they forgot about Dierdre because they heard noises outside the cave. They poked there heads out of the cave and saw two […]

  • The Little Kids Adventure “Book” 1 Episode 1

    Before I start on the first “Book” of The Little Kids Adventure I will tell you some things you should know.┬áThe Little Kids Adventure is a imaginary game me and Caleb play. It is only slightly like the game Collin used to play with us. We split up The Little Kids Adventure into episodes and […]

  • The ‘Gorilla Wrestle’ and Other Things

    By Caleb, age 5 Me and Owen and Justin and Evan were playing a wrestling game. And we were wrestling a lot, very toughly. And then Evan asked Collin to come play a wrestling game called Gorilla with them. And then one time while I was fighting, I was fighting Coll-coll, and then Deirdre came […]

  • The Other Day . . .

    I was driving along and saw some whitish thing on the road, nothing that looked to extraordinary, but it moved in a funny way. Slowing down to better apprehend if it was something I could run over (a plastic bag) or needed to avoid, I suddenly saw that the object–presumably trash–was in fact involved in […]