Category: Deirdre Stories

  • No Boys or Girls Allowed

    That’s the words we saw on a piece of paper on the dining room table, Justin and I. Except it was spelled “NO BOYS OR GRLS ULOWD”, in Deirdre’s handwriting. “What’s that say?” Justin asked. I read it aloud, adding “I have no idea what she did it for, though.” As the day progressed it […]

  • Deirdre at Night

    Last night when I came to bed, instead of the soft even sound of Deirdre’s sleep breathing, I was greeted by a tiny muffled voice: "Who’s dat?" Lots of times I be silly and make her figure it out for herself: "Hmm, who is it? I’m probably Titi, right?" to which she says "No, you’re […]

  • Some Things About Deirdre

    Dictated by Owen (7) Deirdre likes to play with toys. She likes to play dolls and things. She likes to make them suck on pacifiers and she carries them around and doesn’t want anybody to hurt her babies. Deirdre always wants to join our game, but we say, “No, Deirdre, you can’t play our game, […]

  • What noise frogs and rabbits make

    Titi was brushing out Deirdre’s hair. Deirdre said that she was a frog (she likes to pretend she’s some animal or other) who said, “Friggit-froggit! Friggit-froggit!” I decided to inform her of what noise frogs really make. “You know what noise frogs really truly supposedly make?” (Titi made a sort of half-snort at the way […]

  • Coming Home to Deirdre

    In the middle of September this year, we went down to the Irish/Scottish Festival to see the Highland Games in Green Lane, Pa, and slept overnight there in tents. It was nice, when we came home from the festival at night, to find Deirdre sleeping in bed, as usual. It gave a nice comforting feeling […]

  • Nighttime Conversations

    Recently (the first week of August) mine and Titi’s room was re-arranged. This was done so that Deirdre can move into our room, and Deirdre’s old room, the nursery, can be turned into a sewing room for Titi. Deirdre had a hard time getting used to it; she just couldn’t wrap her mind around the […]

  • Worms–those hilarious things!

    I was busy digging up a strip of ground all along the chicken fence, so I could plant morning glories there, when Deirdre toddled up to me. She walked up the path, then turned aside to the Secret Garden path where I was, holding a trowel. “I got shubbel. [Shovel.] Wanna get wormies,” she declared […]

  • Obsessed over Eggshells

    Deirdre always wants to do all the things the big kids do, and help them with whatever they’re doing. Unfortunately, her “help” is not always so helpful. She’s at the stage where she knows enough to know what you’re supposed to be doing, but can’t do it well enough to really be of help. The […]

  • My Little Helper

    Deirdre was helping me make supper today. She thinks she’s very grown-up, so naturally she has to do everything the big kids do. This includes washing and drying dishes, doing laundry, drawing pictures, stretching out her arms and saying “Ohhhh…Dear!” like Titi does…you name it. This particular time, I was getting ready to make Cheddar […]

  • Are you my little sister?

    Deirdre and I have this game we play. It’s basically making small talk with a kid who’s almost 2. It’s called “Are you my little sister?” And Deirdre, being a kid who’s almost 2, says “Nooooooooo.” “Oh! Well, then, are you my little. . .porcupine?” “No!” she says cheerfully.