Category: Imaginary Play

  • An Etch-a-Sketch “paper game” that Cadie played with me

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Deirdre. And she asked her older sister, Cadie, if she wanted to play an Etch-a-Sketch paper game (which is just a paper game played on an Etch-a-Sketch.) And so, she forced Cadie to say yes! And so, in the game Cadie started out in the […]

  • The little kids Adventure Episode 2 of Book 1

    Here is Episode 2. One night while Caleb and Owen were  sleeping, some goblins sneaked into the dark dungeon ‘s cave and grabbed Deirdre and sneaked away. When Caleb and Owen woke up, they forgot about Dierdre because they heard noises outside the cave. They poked there heads out of the cave and saw two […]

  • The Little Kids Adventure “Book” 1 Episode 1

    Before I start on the first “Book” of The Little Kids Adventure I will tell you some things you should know. The Little Kids Adventure is a imaginary game me and Caleb play. It is only slightly like the game Collin used to play with us. We split up The Little Kids Adventure into episodes and […]

  • Inventions

    [Ed: This is something I helped Caleb write a while ago, but we didn’t post because Caleb wanted to leave it unfinished so that we could add more inventions to it if he thought of more. But since he hasn’t been thinking of anymore we agreed to post it now.] One day, me and Owen […]

  • The case of the talking pig, cow, horse and the hen

    Ah, yes the case of the talking pig, cow, horse and the hen….. No animals were hurt playing this. I (Farmer Justin) was doing school on the porch and Owen ( A Farmer ) told me that he had made a good pen, and wanted me to be a animal in it. I said “No, […]

  • A Fun Game Where Collin Was Chasing Us

    Dictated by Caleb, age 5 Me, Coll Coll, Justin, Owen, and Evan played a game. Is what the game was, is Owen was getting chased by Coll-Coll. Then me, then I helped Owen. Then Justy started helping Owen fight Coll-Coll. And then Evey came and started helping Coll-Coll fight Owen and Justin and me. And […]

  • A Fun Zoo Game

    Dictated by Owen, age 8 The other day Justy, Caleb, Deirdre and I were playing a zoo game. At first I was being an animal–I was being a bear! And Deirdre was being a tiger. Caleb and Justy were being the zookeeper and cleaners. First I was a little bear and they were feeding me […]

  • A Fun Toy Soldier Game

    Dictated by Owen (7) I like to play toy soldier games. What’s fun about playing toy soldier games is to build a big base and kill the enemy. Also, what you could build is Radar-Jammers and they make it so your radar can’t see the enemy’s base. One time me and Evan and Coll-Coll and […]

  • My Imaginary Botanical Garden

    Recently Owen and I made a pretend Baby Chick Botanical Garden. Originally we weren’t even going to make a botanical garden; originally what we were doing was playing a game where I was a big fat baby chick and Owen was trying to make me be not so fat. First Owen made me play tetherball, […]

  • A Game I Played with the Little Kids

    Our game started out with the little kids playing a game where two “sides” (teams) were Animal or Human. The Human side had to build houses for its people, barns or zoos for the animals they captured, and they had to feed, milk, etc. animals they captured. (With most of our games like this we […]