Category: Photography

  • Work in the Garden

    Dad has been working in the garden just about every day. After all the initial roto-tilling was done, he made raised beds and planted carrots, beets, swisschard, and lettuce and spinach also (I think; I can’t remember for sure). The majority of the time, however, he’s been digging a sort of “trench” all around the […]

  • Snow Boulders

    Instead of sledding . . . . . . Justin and Owen made snow boulders! Owen is usually the first of the little kids to go outside. He is what I call the “Great-Day Heralder”, because he’s always on the lookout for Great Days and proclaims them with much enthusiasm. On such a day, he’ll […]

  • Up in the woods with my new camera

    Lately it has been so stiflingly hot all I feel like doing is hiding from the heat. Yesterday, however, I decided I’d be brave and go out into the baking sunshine. I just meant it to be a quick walk, to get my legs moving. But I wound up spending quite a bit of time […]

  • My latest photos

    Well, here is my first post on my brand-new blog! Not much happened today, except that I got my film back in the mail. I was surprised how quickly they developed it; Clark, the company that I developed them with, sent me an e-mail both when they received it and when they shipped it, and […]