Category: Second floor renovation

  • Progress Report 2

    Not necessarily in order: all the trim is on in the bedrooms. Rundy made himself a corner desk for his work area in the hallway. He also made all the bunk beds that needed to be made–three sets in all. (We kept the bunk bed that DH made many years ago now.) DH is pretty […]

  • The Bed

    DH and I have been sleeping upstairs for the past two nights–in our new bed that I was telling you about. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s made of pine and cedar. You can see the storage platform in this picture. And the second photo shows you the underside of the storage platform, which I mentioned in […]

  • Progress Report

    In contrast to the dramatic changes every day during the first few weeks, now a little bit happens each day, and it seems like it’s taking forever. When we last visited our heroes, they were finishing the floors. DH wound up putting three coats of paint and three coats of water-based sealer on our bedroom […]

  • Deconstruction Day

    When someone had asked Dad how we were going to go about removing the walls and ceiling, his answer had been “Get out of the way and let them finish what they’ve started.” In the end, we were only slightly more sophisticated. On the morning of D-Day, we were fooling around in the boys’ room. […]

  • Cram and Stuff

    In general, our per capita square footage is pretty small. To put it another way, we cram a lot of bodies in a small space, at least by American standards. We have been thinking of ways to build in storage and eliminate furniture (mostly dressers) as much as possible. DH is designing a platform bed […]

  • Slowing Down

    Rundy was out of town today. Teman and Titi returned the monster and bought more paint, but not too much was done today. Of course, yesterday Rundy painted polyurethane sealer (oil-based) on all the floors he had sanded. DH is putting on a second coat of paint on our floor as I write. He also […]

  • The monster

    This is an orbital sander. We rented it to sand the upstairs floors. Rundy is the only one operating it. When he is sanding it sounds like . . . how shall I put this? Imagine you are living under an overpass of the nearest interstate highway. Further imagine that a steady stream of heavy […]

  • Painting!

    Yes, we’re painting now! Sunday was the last day of plastering, which Arlie helped with. He only comes home on Sundays, but has been helping out any way he can. That is an encouragement to all of us, to have reinforcements on occasion. On Monday I could definitely feel the difference emotionally. There was a […]

  • Where’s My . . . ?

    Sometimes work grinds to a halt until a missing tool is found. Quite often, the searcher “just had it in my hand a minute ago!” Hammer, drill, and measuring tape seem to be the most lost-and-found items. However, one morning before most people were even up, DH says to me, “I can’t find the drill […]

  • More of the same

    I was just too exhausted last night to write anything. Two weeks ago yesterday the walls came down. Today Titi could have painted her new sewing room if the paint had been purchased (which it hasn’t, yet) and if she hadn’t been working on the rest of the plastering with Teman and Rundy. Yesterday they […]