Category: Weather

  • News flash!

    Caleb lost his first tooth!!   Deirdre is the only one who still has all her baby teeth!   The first batch of baby chicks has arrived!! They will quickly turn into meat chickens for the freezer, but right now they’re fluffly little balls that scurry around.   Dad and Teman are taking a week […]

  • Hottest Day of the Year?

    I kept hearing on the radio today how hot it was going to get today–they were predicting it to be a record-breaking high. Still going to be hot and humid, they said–really hot, into the low nineties! I thought all that rather strange. They were acting like, for one thing, that in the low nineties […]

  • May Weather

    It’s May now, and the the weather is beautiful. It’s starting to really feel like spring. I know it’s been spring for a while now, but somehow it seemed like to me that something more had to happen for it to really feel like spring, although I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. […]