Age 10 as of March 2013

I’m nine. I don’t like moving, which we’re about to do. I like reading, and going up in the woods. And I also like playing imaginary games with Caleb and Cadie, and Owen. I also like to smile!

Usually, my day goes like this: Get up at 7:00. Talk to Titi, who’s getting ready to leave for work. And I race Titi and Arlie (well, sometimes I race Titi and Arlie) down the driveway. Usually with Arlie I don’t. And sometimes I eat breakfast. (Today I didn’t eat breakfast.) And then I get distracted.

Next, Caleb gets up. I get distracted all the way till then. I try to do my homeschooling, but most of the time it just ends up getting distracted with Caleb. Then I forget to eat lunch because Justy’s already washing lunch dishes. Then after I finish drying lunch dishes, I get distracted some more if I haven’t already finished my homeschooling. And if I have finished my homeschooling, I read a book because Caleb isn’t finished with his homeschooling yet, or if he is he doesn’t want to do anything except read a book or play on the computer. Then after spending the rest of my day moping around, I sometimes set the table if it’s my turn. Then I eat supper, and I do stuff with other people like Licky (Lachlan) or someone else, and it’s time for me to get ready for bed. Then The End. (Then if I’m wired, it’s not really the end.)

Grammar and reading subjects and science are my favorite subjects.